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Christen is a 19 year old blonde with endless legs. She cums twice, then gets sperm injected into her pussy.

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Christen Courtney


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Regardless of the content of this scene, I think Christen has the look that could potentially make her a big star. Cute and blonde with a tight body is a great combination to have. Does she have any skills or is she just a pretty face? The answer is yes. This girl can fuck. She sucks cock well and emotes somewhere between pleasure and posing for the camera. There are a few moments where she gets this vacant look on her face, but it is somewhat rare. Even though the scene is a bit vanilla, overall, she does a great job. Definitely a startlet to watch. - Civ


It's always good to see someone new and fresh faced, and this scene with Christen, though fairly gentle, was an enjoyable watch. She's a pretty girl, has an easy way with the camera, and gives a good, deep blowjob, so there is a good deal to like. The blowjob is definitely worth watching. Perhaps the only negative, for me, is that the sex was quite passive on her part, with her partner doing most of the work. But hopefully we can see more from her as a performer if she does further scenes.


Christen is a stunning blonde with nice tits. She looks great in the fishnet leggings and the pink armbands. She strips and teases and then the guy arrives. There's a nice pussy licking/fingering section 09:00+ which is something you don't see so much in porno nowadays. Nice to see her getting a tonguing. He rubs his dick up and down her pussy lips @ 11:33 and gives her a tease before finally plunging in. Nicely done. They work their way through a number of pussy fucking / bj positions until he pops in her pussy @ 38:10. There's not a huge amount of cum to dribble out but she spreads her pussy to let us see anyway. Nice girl, decent scene, internal cum-load was weak. 8/10.


Christen is a cute young blonde with a lot of potential. For me, the highlights feature her oral skills. Watch her suck hard on the stud's cock while lying on her back at 16:30, a closeup of her face as she takes the length of his cock into her mouth. Great eye contact! Again at 32:30, she bends over with her ass in the air and engulfs his cock, her nice breasts bouncing beautifully and the guy opening her pussy for us. The video ends with a fine creampie. I'd love to see her suck multiple guys off in a CumForCover video. mmmgood


She's a very cute girl and she've pretty holes, hope she'll to see in future also at asstraffic for some gaping action! What's a bit boring is the the creampie, seems if the sperm won't come out of her pussy even though James have normal a good load always :-) maybe the next time better or with a double stuffed creampie ;-) looking forward to get more of her to watch soon guys.


The new styles that Perfectgonzo try to use on their models and their shootings are nice, but I certainly do miss the slutty lingerie and heels that girls in older scenes used to wear. So when I saw this cute blonde wear those fishnet stockings and gloves, I knew this scene is gonna be a instant boner. And it sure did not disappoint!


Wow! [really] One of the best oral sex I have ever seen! I will start saying that Christen is a extremely beautiful and cute blonde with lots of charisma; I don't know if she is new in porn because this is the first time I see her, but she looks like she has the cuteness of a rookie but she masters the scene like a pro. As I said before, she knows how to suck cock; she takes her time to take all the taste out of that dick without making a mess or drooling or spiting but swallowing it all. During all the scene you can see her joy; and, as icing on the cake, she has a beautiful ass! I can say Christen is a model that has many attributes and skills. I beg to see her in a new scene where she gets all the cum into her mouth. [-Ramon]


I don't watch many non anal scenes but Christen really caught my eye so I couldn't resist. What a stunner. I liked the tease as it was no time before she flashed her sexy tits and dropped her pants to play with her pussy. He moans while fingering herself and throughout the scene were a pleasure to hear. The guy turned up pretty soon and gave her a fucking in multiple positions which she clearly enjoyed. The deepthroat was good with her keeping eye contact with the camera. Now if this girl is willing to take it in her gorgeous butt we've got the makings of a star.