Kiara Lord

Added March 20, 2023

The tight bodied Kiara Lord gets inseminated by our horny stud. The massive pussy creampie drips out of her wet pussy.

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Kiara Lord


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She absolutely deserved getting his load pumped her snatch for being that pretty. If you're going to be a very pretty little whore you're going to get your pussy filled with cum.


Nice girl, I loved her being fucked, that was just excellent. I love this site, lots of great views of the girls with a penis inside of their vaginas.


Kiara became one of my PG top ten girls of all time. She has an angelic face like Nora, a curvaceous body like Tera Bond, she fucks like Dora Venter and she takes the creampie like Jasmine Rouge.
As usual, during the first 15 minutes you can explore Kiara's body. Such a sight! It's ecstatic!
She uses a pink dildo to warm up her pussy and then she starts to suck the cock. I love the closeups on her pussy and on her face during the sex because they help you to imagine to make love with her for real. The creampie is quite good but I think the sperm is not enough dense to be injected from behind. Have you tried to shoot the creampie before the whole scene? The cum should be denser.
Girl rating: 9; Foreplay: 7; Sex: 8.5; Creampie: 6


Kiara is a pretty blonde who has taken care of her tight body nicely. There's a lot to like about this video but others have gone into much detail already. As a recent All Internal video, this video provides a nice look into the fine art of the creampie. Taking her from behind, the stud thrusts into her lovely pussy which is framed by her excellent and compact ass. Just about one hour into the video, he lets his cum flood into her, and as he pulls out from her, we watch the thick white liquid spew from her pussy which is still open a bit, her pink pussy lips coated with the warm fluid. A fine finale for an All Internal video. mmmgood


There really is something hot about a girl who keeps herself in very good a shape and Kiara certainly qualifies. She sports a hard little body without being so muscular it is distracting or losing her femininity. Combine that with the beautiful blonde hair, fair skin and the light colored lipstick and she is quite ideal. Props to the guys at PG for dressing her in all white. It finished of her look very well. I especially enjoyed her large pink nipples and the way her underwear, a wonderful white thong, barely covered her pussy. Check out 9:40 for an especially hot views. PG is doing a wonderful job all the way around with the masturbation sections of each scene. The close ups of the pussy being rubbed, along with keeping the models facial reactions in the shot is very very well done. Kiara was smily, giggly and very vocal while taking the cock. All round a very good scene and well worth the download.


Kiara Lord is not only a blonde with a tremendous and very lush ass, but also with a very palatable pussy. In this scene you can watch her lick and suck cock in a very motivated way, she likes to discover every inch of the cock she is giving pleasure by tasting and licking with her pink tongue; personally, this part of the scene is one of the hottest along with the deep throat. When she goes head down ass up, you can see folding her perfect skin of her back and exposing her sex ready to be pleased, makes you want to be the male performer. The down side are her screams, I bet she can do better moaning wise, it just doesn't sound anywhere natural or convincing. However, the cream pie is really beautiful and tops off a really nice yet imperfect scene. [-Ramon]


Ms. Lord has a very deceptive look about her. At first glance she seems like a skinny, slender model, but by the time she is fully undressed we can see that she has quite large and firm breasts to go along with a thick ass-and-thigh combo. Her pierced clit looks very tasty and she would probably look equally as sexy if she let her blonde bush grow out. Her pink toy gets lost in her wet pussy, and the blissful look on her face is representative of how the viewer would feel given the opportunity to plunge his hard-on in between her pink lips. Kiara gives a phenomenal blowjob, as she really seems to enjoy having an engorged cock-head deep in her mouth.
Fans of moaning will absolutely fall in love with Kiara as she gets eaten out from behind. In fact, it is very difficult to keep from blowing your load as Kiara's phat, cushiony ass bounces up and down on a rock hard penis.
Take the challenge for yourself: see how long you can last while this sexy blonde whines with joy as she gets rammed in various positions.


Amazing! How can one NOT want to get dirty with this pure beauty ;-)


Kiara Lord is a Hungarian newcomer, naturally blonde and very fit. She reveals herself in an indoor tease that includes couch crawling, chair straddling, adorning herself with pearls and proving just how sexy a simple stretchy white thong can be. She then settles on the floor and preps her pussy with a sexy pink toy.

A thicker toy shows up (with an accent and not quite as pink) as Kiara slowly sucks before laying down for a throating. The guy seemed extra eager and the all-vaginal sex started sooner than I would've liked, it did not, however, disappoint. The action was solid and steady, with the pair clearly enjoying each other. The best moment was seeing Ms. Lord taking it hard from behind while standing. She's so petite that she put her heels back on to help her cunt get up to cock level. It's in this beautiful position that Kiara drains a pair of balls inside her tight box. A hot finish to a good scene.

- Ivan


By reading the words of the first review something like: "PerfectGonzo really did spoil us with perfect scenes recently" came to my mind. I mean in some point I do agree with the author of the first review: For sure there are better scenes to find at PG than this one. But: That is not the point. This scene has a beautiful female starlet (Kiara Lord) who is doing a nice job in front of the camera. Period. That is why I personally enjoyed watching this scene, although I have to admit that maybe I won´t watch it over and over again. It´s a nice scene, good for some fun and distraction. Maybe we should not expect perfection in each and every single one scene.
Girl: 8,5/10 and Scene: 7/10. Mr_White (Eurobabeindex)


Kiara is a beautiful blonde. She looks great in her tiny thong and she soon gets her pink dildo out to give her fanny a bit of a tickle. There's a well played BJ before she (finally) hops on for some pussy-fucking at 32:30. Most porno scenes would have finished by then! She takes it well in all the usual positions and there's a nice girl-on-top closeup at 56:00. Finally he pops inside her pussy at just after 1:01, and it dribbles out. She has a beautiful light pink pussy.

She's a very pretty girl but this scene is really just too formulaic and scripted to get top marks. Where's the intensity? Where is anything different? Even a spread pussy at the end would have been interesting. Allinternal needs to get a bit more intense again. The average punter wants more Gonzo-style fucking which is what PG originally got famous for. 6/10.