Laura S

Added September 6, 2023

Laura is a brunette newcomer with a skinny body and long legs. She gets her meaty pussy drilled and gets two vaginal creampies. Enjoy!

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Laura S


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The first thing that really shocked me of Laura S was her gaze. She has beautiful eyes plus a glance that attract and bewitch. She likes to smile a lot but it seems that she hardly sometimes understands English, so I don't know why the director-cameraman insist to talk to her. Her performance from the beginning looks outstanding. They say the small details make the big differences and Laura knows how to make those small details for the scene. I love the way she uses her tongue quite well for everything. She easily transmits to the viewer the intense pleasure that she is feeling and that's not an easy thing. The powerful orgasms that Laura had, were a delight to see. I will be waiting for her next scene! 10/10 [-Ramon]


Laura S. is a young and very cute and petite girl who is obviously still very new in porn. Her smile is very sweet and she has a nice tight pussy which looks really very hot after both guys fucked and cream pied her!
(btw: VERY nice idea that your last 2 scenes the camera man also fucked the actress after the "actual" scene - that's really hot!)

Laura seems very unexperienced and at the beginning especially in the masturbation part it seems she doesn't really know what to do alone in front of the camera. It really seems that it gets much easier for her when the male talent arrives. She seems to be more comfortable with the situation then. And she definitly looks much better on cock than alone on camera. Laura takes a really deep and intense pounding for about 30 minutes in total. She definitly has potential and if she wants to continue with porn i would like to see her again.


I really like that you take turns and fuck her! Awesome video. Keep it up


Laura has a slim body and small tits with erect nipples like pencil erasers. She doesn't say too much but is happy to spread her pussy and show us what she's got. She fucks OK but it's like she's holding something back and not letting herself go.

Perhaps allowing two men pop into her most private special place wasn't what she dreamt of for her life, but now she's here she should be making the most of it. The first guy pops in her at 33:40+ and he's done a really good job, her pussy is pink and wet and dripping with sperm.

The scene is cut and it looks like she's had a chance to clean herself up a little (a shame) and guy#2 arrives to get his sloppy seconds. He also sperms her doggy style and I think they should have done it missionary for a change. It's cute to see a new girl worked over and the two creampies was sort of a novelty but it didn't quite work for me. 7/10 (..reviewer-SJ)


Laura is very natural pretty young girl with an great body and face like an angel.All starts with solo action and blowjob with one guy, nice positions just the second creampie from James I`d like to see in the missionary or cowgirl position but no problem it's nice to get an second creampie to see, looks like a surprise for us because first we see one guy pop a load in her, then the camera takes over, fucks her for a quick 5 minutes and then also cums inside her  :-) 8/10