Maria Fiori & Athina

Added August 27, 2023

Maria & Athina are two incredible brunettes that could be sisters by the looks of them. They share a lucky stud and his vaginal creampie load.

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Athina, Maria Fiori

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I'd love to take a joyride with these two lovely hot ladies, but I'd add a little assfucking to the appointment.


Mmm, the cream pie eat out! Such a great way to end this excellent AllInternal video. Maria is one of my favorite girls -- so beautiful and such a knock-out smile. Athina looks good with Maria and they spend the first 14 minutes getting into each other with some nice girl-girl action. Maria licks pussy almost as good as she sucks cock. Speaking of which, check out the two girls taking turns pleasuring the male talent's penis at the 15 minute mark. They work so well together. I can never get enough of Maria's luminous smile, even while she's sucking a hard cock down. Great camera work at the 21 minute mark as the girls lay on their backs to be fed some man-meat. Great eye contact. After the long oral session, it's time for other holes to be fed -- their two wet pussies. Nice action but maybe a little long here. At 51 minutes, the girls do 69 while the girl on her back also sucks cock. I enjoy watching this position because so much can happen. I especially enjoy it when the guy, after ramming it hard in the girl on top cums in the girl on the bottom's face or into her mouth. Not happening in this scene but maybe in the future? Anyway, a wide variety of positions among the three and it ends with the sweet cream pie eat out! The girls look so good eating cum from their fingers. Sealed with a cum-soaked kiss! A great three-way video. Hope to see more of this type of action. 9.5/10 mmmgood


Here is another marvelous scene with my lovely Maria Fiori. And this time we have the privilege to see her making team with the beautiful Athina. These two girls before the threesome starts, they enjoy themselves by kissing, liking pussy and fingering each other. I love girl / girl / boy scenes because it just looks great to see how the two girls take a single guy, and this was not the exception. It looks fantastic when Maria and Athina start giving a blowjob to the male performer, you almost feel envy. The part in where both girls lie down to receive a deep throating is amazing, one of my favorite poses because of the view. And all the sexual intercourse was perfect because of the poses. But I was expecting to see two nice facials at the end. Any way I really liked this scene. 10/10 [-Ramon]


Two gorgeous, toned, raven haired ladies with pretty tits, smooth soft skin and their pussies available for unrestricted exploration by cock. The guy in this scene must have thought this was his lucky day. He didn't even have to do them up the ass to earn his $$.

The girls look stunning. They enjoy the scene and each other's company and there's pussy to mouth action throughout. Their bodies are simply sensational with lovely soft tits and light pink pussy. The guy can't get enough of them and swaps between each pussy at will. It ends with the guy coming inside one lucky lady, missionary style, and the other girl fingering the mess and licking it out. A wonderful scene with two stunning chicks and strong male talent. 9.5/10


Hungarians Maria and Athina are wearing near-identical outfits as the scene opens outdoors. Their shorts make for a nice tease, as do their delicious orange thongs. The girls kiss and play as they wait for their cock, new PG regular Kevin King. He's also known by 11 other names that begin with either Victor or Viktor (make up your mind, man haha).

The brunettes put their mouths to work, treating their man to a clean double suck. It's far from nasty, but they do know how to share, whether kneeling or on their backs. The sex soon follows, and despite the absence of anal, it's fun and energetic. My favorite part was the stacking, with Ms. Fiori on all fours and Athina on her back. The cream dessert was eventually served inside Athina, with both girls getting a taste. For a 76-minute scene the tease segment was too brief, but overall a solid update.

Extra: I couldn't help but notice a tattoo on Maria's left wrist. It reads, "Mantente Fuerte" ("keep strong" in Spanish). I hope she does; too many models are in and out, and I would love to see her for years to come.

- Ivan