Samia Duarte

Added July 18, 2023

The big butt of Samia jiggles as it explodes from her tights. After a hot anal sex session a big load of cum oozes from her freshly fucked ass.

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Samia Duarte


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she looks like obama


Gostosa demais!


Excellent quality resolution and very pretty girls but strange see the high heels 8 inches :(


This video could've done with some more editing. Almost 42 minutes long and she spends the first 19 minutes fully clothed. Not enough fucking with an ass like that.


SAMIA's ass is like a nice round doughnut, with a milky center!


There are girls who play the cocktease role for the camera and those who enjoy it. Samia clearly enjoys it. She knows she could drain balls without so much as touching the guy they belong to. Showing off is one of her biggest strengths and it's on full display here. Her shamelessly transparent leggings make me wonder why women see them as a "fashion don't" - any woman with a great body should wear them as everyday pants.

Not surprisingly, this scene is 50% butt-and-legs teasing. The amount of bending, shaking, squatting, stretching, walking and hip rolling will ensure that you'll be drained long before the action starts.... and Samia grins like she knows it. Tongue fucking and cock sucking warm things up. The sex that follows is strictly anal, with a healthy amount of semen pumped squarely inside Ms. Duarte's generous rear.

One big negative, however, is that the camera is too close for comfort for the entire second half . There are no wide shots during the oral or sex portions. This site has had fantastic visuals since the relaunch, but the angles were too POV-ish for my liking. In this update the tease segment is the real winner.

- Ivan


wish they'd leave the heels on!


I haven't seen Samia Duarte in a video I was willing to delete yet. Her ass only has one quality. It says, "fuck me". It's big, but not too big, which is a fine line to walk. The bad news is something is lacking in this video. What happened to all the "body worship" shots we get in the other videos. It seems like this one was filmed a few months before the most recent ones and we are seeing these out of order. It goes straight to the action, which is good, don"t get me wrong, but I was hoping for the grand tour of Samia that we get in the other videos. With that gripe considered, it is still a fantastic video. She is a powerful actress and uses her body well. Personally, I am not a fan of the prolapse, but this video is an automatic keeper, nevertheless. - Civlor


While Samia does not fit the usual mold of Perfect Gonzo girls, she has such a sexy and inviting smile and is very fun to watch. The opening tease is fully clothed until nearly the 18 minute mark, but Samia has us captivated with her sexy walk, and showing off her curves including posing on a trampoline and on the stairs. She smiles and giggles a lot, and you can tell she really enjoys teasing us before the sex.

Samia finally pulls down those pink tights, and shows us her sweet ass. It is about then when our stud comes in and sticks his tongue as far as it will go in her nether hole. Then, we have some kissing (which strangely happens offscreen as the camera is focused on her chest), before a great blow job, largely in POV fashion.

Samia then takes his cock straight into her ass, like all good girls should. We get anal in doggy, cowgirl, legs up missionary, finishing on her side. A highlight occurs when she is shaking her ass in our studs face then sits on his cock in cowgirl. Great cumshot here as the stud has a good rhythm going when he pops in her ass, and continues to pop as he pulls out. And, Samia still has that great smile going on after she pushes out the cum, showing she had as good a time as we did.


Hi, when the girls look amazing with heels and clothes on could you get about 15 seconds of them walking. This girls walk is breathtaking. The quality of this site is excellent, and the camera and the girls great ! Thanks! All the best to the team !


Wow, Samia is a beautiful Spanish babe with lovely face and perfect ass. While this 42 minute scene includes great teasing and fine oral skills, the image at the 40 minute mark is so good as the actor's hard cock penetrates her ass with her face looking over to the camera in pleasure. The actor is thoroughly turned on in this video as he delivers a fantastic internal cumshot, still spurting as he exits her ass. The build-up to the cumshot is great and the cumshot is fantastic! Mmmgood


Samia Duarte is an Spanish woman and that makes her quite different than the usual Center or Easter European girls that we are used to see in these sites. She has brown hair and dark eyes and a hot body. After a good opening tease, the sex lasts for 20 minutes, shorter that other movies but enough for me. The scene is all anal, we get to see her getting fucked in her tight ass in many positions. Her performance is pretty good and the final creampie is epic. This actor definitely delivers awesome cumshots.
This scene is well worth watching.


Samia Duarte is a perfect babe: Round ass, hot legs, nice tits and what a winning smile. At the teasing part of this scene we see her shaking that Ass  - and boy this is so hot that I watched the intro 3 times over before I watched the scene in total.
At the hardcore part of the scene we see Samia giving blowjob with great pleasure (hers and his!) before the assfucking starts. We have anal sex in doggie style, cowgirl and in a somewhat spoonie style. Samia takes a whole load of semen up her ass - and than she says "Byebye" with a breathtaking smile.  Another great scene - thanks. (Mr_White - eurobabeindex)


Great ass fuck. Great camera work and the tease you guys film is like no other. Great stuff, can't wait for more.


Very Nice! I Absolutely love anal creampies, more of these please!!


Samia is super hot! Her ass is like a big apple to be eaten! Great scene!