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Sandra is hungry for cocks and cum. She takes on two dicks and gets a hot double penetration. Both cums dump their loads into her freshly fucked ass. Two loads ooze out.

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In my humble opinion, Sandra Parker is as nasty as they come. Also in my humble opinion, she is a vey beautiful young lady. I hope she comes back as a MILF in the near future. She specializes in anal and DP, and has no problem with multiple anal creampies, as in this vid. My thanks to Perfect Gonzo for including this creampie special in its offerings. I would ask that P.G. contact her agent and get her back into the porn business. Get her to continue to specialize in DPs and creampies.


I will never get tire saying how amazing Sandra is. She has a beautiful face, sexy fake boobs and an ass that are like two delicious marshmallows. The way she sucks cock is more than fantastic; she makes every scene very pleasant to watch because you really can see how much she enjoys getting fucked. In this scene, she gets two cocks to please and an amazing double penetration. The only con in this scene is that, I will have loved to see how she swallows the cum of both cocks; but I guess because of the niche, this ending was fine. [-Ramon]


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Sandra is a fake blond slutt. She is a real whore, look at her nasty face. Her body is great with big fake tits. She gets fucked very hard by a couple of guys and seems to enjoy it very much: DPs, gapes, and good anal cumshot creampies. Worth watching. Take a look at her destroyed asshole after the final cumshots.


I've been looking forward to reviewing this video ever since I saw the preview. Now that I've got the whole video, let the review begin! Sandra is one of my favorite models. She is a tall, thin blonde with long hair and a sweet face. This video starts off with Sandra looking pretty in two piece sheer black lingerie with pink trim. A little slutty looking but what do you expect in your porn? On her hands and knees, ass held proudly in the air, she slides her thong panties to the side and slides a finger into her asshole. Nice tease! Her breasts are next, as Sandra frees her firm breasts from her top, her nipples standing up proudly. Clothing removed, she fingers and toys herself until she's ready for some of the real thing. Using her pierced tongue, she licks and sucks two hard cocks, alternating with a big smile on her face. As one guy pounds her mouth, the other guy spreads her wet pussy lips giving us a closeup view of her shaved pink. If you had the chance what would you want to do with her? Well, these guys seem to fancy her ass, one sliding into her asshole while she's in reverse cowgirl position. Next! The other guy fills her ass, as she smiles up at him. They continue to trade back and forth, concentrating on her asshole. What about that pretty pussy guys? Well, her ass still occupied, the other guy sinks into her pussy for a steady double penetration. She still looks good. Now back to her asshole, as one of the guys fills her ass with cum, and she opens her asshole for us to see the creamy liquid slowly leaking out. I'm not always a fan of asshole cumshots, but Sandra's clean ass looks pretty good with wet cum all around it. Next! She lower her asshole onto the second guy’s hard cock and rides him hard. He fills her asshole with a second load, and as she raises herself up off of him, she pushes a thick glob of white cum from her still open asshole. Hmmmm.....I think I'd take her for a ride too! Since I love Sandra, I've gotta give this video a good rating. But I’d really prefer at least one cumshot to be in her pussy. In fact, I'd really love to see her take a nice cumshot into her mouth too, swirling it around with her pierced tongue. If only she'd been with two more guys! How about it guys? :D 9/10


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