Susana Melo

Added April 8, 2014

Portuguese cutie Susana Melo fucks two gets, gets her pussy double-penetrated and takes two big loads in her vagina which slowly drip out.

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Susana Melo

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Do you like double vaginal and multiple creampies? Susana wants to please all your desires! She's a smiling and pleasant girl from Portugal. The scene begins in a cool sunny location where Susana finds two guys relaxing on the decks. She makes them lick her pussy and then she licks their dicks. She doesn't waste the time and begins to ride the cock immediately after, while they are still in the garden. The scene moves inside the house and Susana fucks one guys at a time and then she wants both the dicks inside her pussy! Her moans are so exciting. At the end she takes two load of sperm in her twat. The cum is so much that falls to the ground!
Girl rating: 9; Foreplay: 8; Sex: 8; Creampie: 9


I have been anticipating, asking for and waiting for the first Perfect Gonzo DP for a while now. Double Penetration brings out the either the best or the worst in a porn slut. And I really wanted to see how these would be filmed. I was especially interested in whether the cocks would be able to work hard on her holes without the guys distracting from the scene. So with these questions in mind, the most important factor is of course, the girl for the day. Susana was a fine choice. She was happy to be there and when it came to sucking cock she was a triple threat, good solid sloppy, full and complete deep throat, and could take a throat fuck (she also knows the balls need attention as well.) When it came time get her holes stuff with cock Susana was ready and the guys stepped up and handled their business with disciplined controlled aggression (maybe a bit to much male moaning but I give them a bit of a break on that, they are banging out a good looking chick in all three holes.) The Eiffel Tower was especially memorable in the lead up to the DP. (I love the Eiffel tower move in Porn) Susana was submissive to the cock and let the guys go at her hard. She was in no way however a passive participant. She backs her ass up on the cock, arches her back and looks straight into the camera with real enjoyment in her face. The camera work here is solid as always. The key to filming any kind of MFM scene is to get in close when necessary and back off to the wide shot when that is necessary in order to make the viewer like they are right there, getting a whiff of the pussy. There are of course some moments missed but that is going to happen when the actors are performing a good, solid hardcore fuck. A great DP debut for the new Perfect Gonzo - Tudor


All I can say is, about fucking timeĀ Since the rebirth of this website, I have longed for the good-ol-days of yesteryear when things such as double vaginal and double blowjobs existed. Fearing that glamour had taken over and made sluttiness extinct, I lit a candle and prayed for its eventual return. Alas, as the prophecy has foretold, nastiness is back! This video starring Susana Melo is a mere taste of the love I once had for this site. She sucks cock like a champ, even getting mouth-fucked. She takes on two cocks in her mouth, though ever so briefly. Susana shows all of the qualities that make for a great performance, a lovely smile, deep passion, incredible sluttiness, and two cocks in her vagina. She does not stop. She does not wait for the men to lead. She only slows down, really, to give them a chance to catch up. She even takes a sloppy seconds pounding. If you don't know what that is, watch the last few minutes. My only complaint, and the one thing that keeps this from being a perfect video, is the camera angle. If double blowjobs and (especially) double vag and (double especially) sloppy seconds are so forbidden, so rare, then when it does happen, get that fucking camera up in there and show it for all of it's glory! It should not be hidden in the shadows or filmed from across the street. Fill up every pixel with that nastiness. Outstanding video. Please, more of this in even a more graphic manner! Bring on the gangbang! - Civlor


Now THATS a hot chick in a hot video.

Love this new babe!!!


Love the new gal. She has that "really like it" look on her face. Thumbs (and dicks) up!