Taissia Shanti

Added February 22, 2024

The horny Taissia gets a hard double penetration and both guys cum inside her ass and pussy at the same time! Taissia has a breathtaking orgasm after the guys cum inside her. A must see!

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Taissia Shanti

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Amazing scene. I love the way she is penetrated in your pussy and in your ass, wow!!!

Gabe - Perfectgonzo

Oh yeah - we always aim for this ;)


Please offer more scenes similar to this one, which end in a DP creampie. As an added request, it would be even better to do so with the actors in the "standing DP" position.


Talissa is very cute, no doubt. However, her youthful appearance in many of her videos started creating a precedent for her to be forever in the "innocent teen" role. This scene did a lot to break her out of that type casting. She still looks very cute and young, but she also shows us her slutty side. Taking two cocks at once has a way of doing that for a girl. This girl sucks cock very, very well. Her technique is gentle, but deliberate. Points lost for not taking both in her mouth. She does a fantastic job balancing her youthful appearance with an extended period of anal and DP. Spoiler alert: There is a fantastic friendly fire at the end when both actors cum at roughly the same time. Not as deliberate as I would have liked, but good nevertheless. Strange thing though, she seems to keep orgasming after the action is over. This part was strangely hot, but something I have not seen too often. Solid scene. Keep it. - Civlor


Please bring back scenes like this on a regular basis. I love seeing a woman get DPed like this where both guys cum inside her at the same time. One of the best scenes on this website alongside the Cherry Jul DP creampie and Claudia Ferrari DP creampie.

More scene finishes like this and you'll retain me for a long time! :)


One of the best scene in a year! Taissia Shanti with 2 guys, double penetration and two internal sperm loads - what else do we need?
9.5/10 (Mr_White - Eurobabeindex)


Great to see Taissia back. She's great. She does a strip, a tease and gives two quality BJ's before getting it in the pussy from behind. There's a bit of bad editing and we don't see the anal insertion which is a real shame at 21:25. There's a nice bit at 31:30 when we see the start of the DP. She takes it all well, she has a beautiful pussy and body and overall this is a great scene. The fucking at 40:30+ is hot. They both pop inside her and she leans back and shows off her messy pussy and looks to have an orgasm (or at least, pretend to). It's all well done and this is a good scene. 9/10.


After a long time, PG is back to shoot a simultaneous double creampie. Thassia is a nice teen with a little tits and a big lips cunt. She seems a holy girl but she becomes a devil when she sees a couple of cock. Dual penetration is amazing: two cock are too big for that little ass. Thassia's ass seems to crack when the guys fuck her. You can see the best position of the video from 40'. She screams loudly when the guys cum inside both the vagina and the anus. At the end, Thassia spreads her pussy lips to let us see the sperm inside. The video is good but I don't really appreciate the scene. I don't know why.
Girl rating: 7; Foreplay: 6; Sex: 7; Creampie: 7


I liked this scene a great deal. For a start, I would say that Taissia's tease intro is better than that in her fine Ass Traffic scene. More movement, a more provocative look on her face. The initial blow job sequence was more kissy than deepthroat perhaps, but the oral livened up once the penetration began. A definite advantage of having two guys in the scene, and she looked great balanced across the back of the sofa. Taissia is engagingly vocal throughout the anal and double penetration, earthy rather than making high pitched repetitive moans as some performers do. The highlights, for me, are are probably the standing double penetration, and her shaking, almost delirious state at the very end. Definitely worth watching.


When are we getting those epic 3-4 guy double penetrations that this network was once known for?


I am more kind of g/g/b scenes, but in this case Taissia creates the perfect environment and transmits to the viewer all her intense desire for sex that you really want to see her with two guys. I like her casual attire, Taissa looks very sexy. She gets conformable and starts sucking both cocks taking the correct time on each one, showing gratefully her oral skills especially with her tongue [I love when girls know how to use her tongue]. All the sexual intercourse was very good; during her anal, while she was standing, the camera shot was perfect. And the ending was more than priceless, the true meaning of pleasure; watching her having intense orgasms after the scene was magnificent, I love it!. [-Ramon]


Taissia never fails to impress. She looks so hot in her tight little shorts which are too small the keep the gorgeous pussy covered. The tease is short so it isn't long before she's on her knees sucking cock. I'd have liked a bit of deepthroat here. She clearly enjoys the fucking she takes with her moans of pleasure a major turn on. The DP fucking quite literally leaves her a quivering mess on the couch.


Every 4 years the Olympic Games roll around and crowds of men gather around the television set to see sexy Russian gymnasts in their skimpy suits prance around on the world stage. Young Taissia Shanti could well be considered in the same class as these tight-bodied athletes, and it's simply wonderful that we get to see her take her clothes off for us in glorious high definition.
Taissia's ass is unbelievably tight in a white G-string as she gyrates her hips for the camera.
She kisses and caresses two cocks of the same width as her forearms, giving extra care to the balls.
She delivers a gold-medal performance with these two raging hard dicks, and the sexy noises she makes as she gets plowed in her butt hole are a huge plus.
The intense double penetration leaves her writhing in pleasure on her back, and we see her beautiful pussy lips spread open as the scene finishes off in a frenzied orgasm.