Angel Wicky interview

Added March 27, 2017

Energetic super interview with personal and professional details with Angel Wicky.

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Angel Wicky


Art & Addons piercing Breasts large Butt average Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type glamorous slutty Furniture sofa Hair long - curly Hair color blonde Pubic Hair trimmed Pussy/Labia meat curtains medium Skin tone light



This is our time to know about this interesting beauty Angel Wicky. In my opinion you will never guess anything about her starting with the fact that she is younger that I thought. Especially because the way she talks and acts looks very mature and in a very attractive way of course. And with her interview was not different, I felt that she is a very nice person that you want to be with and not only because of her external beauty. The more I hear from her the more I want to introduce her with my family… you know what I mean ;). She prefers hot weather and summer like me and doing activities not like just “taking sun” I never do that, I share that with her that’s why I understand. So with her definitely you will never get bored. I also share that you have to accept people by who they are. To conclude, I discovered the “why” of her name “Angel Wicky”, she is truly an Angel but with a “touch” of sexual desire. I love her and agree with her in many things. [-Ramon VM]