Added March 18, 2008

The anal goddess Cherry Jul gets her gang ass fucking on at Ass Traffic. Three guys impale her pretty little blonde ass. Three cumshots explode on her face at once.

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Cherry Jul


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Cherry Jul was something special indeed. Wish we had more pornstars with her combination of sexiness, beauty, personality, and passion in this era.


Cherry Jul has to be one of my favorite Russian models. Her sexual energy is evident in this update. The scene starts with the mandatory teasing. I love when Cherry fingers her own ass and then shakes her ass like a horny girl while on hands and knees. Next comes a big dildo and Raul Christian's own fingers, as they all go into the model's ass. From that point on, 2/3 of the video, Cherry Jul is thoroughly manhandled by a group of 3 guys. She does DP, TP, A2M and all the while she's loving it. Her eye contact is superb as she takes a dick in both her pussy and ass while sucking a third one. The sexfest ends with Cherry taking 3 loads in her supermodel-like face. I don't know if Cherry Jul is still doing porn, but if she is it's a no-brainer decision to bring her back!


This is all I love about Asstraffic: beautiful, sexy lady. Does nasty horny stuff with her body and seems to really enjoy it. Shows us every private detail with a smile, gets fucked really hard and has a blast. If you ask me one of the best scenes ever!


Wow! Cherry is an amazing Russian girl. Love how she talks dirty bout her ass being ready to fuck; she really seems to enjoy the action. Great scene!


Here is what I am always saying: Despite the classy new scenes, there are tons of marvelous old scenes around at PerfectGonzo. Anyway I generally do not divide scenes into old scenes and new scenes. I divide into good scenes and bad scenes.
So what do we have here: An extremely beautiful Russian starlet by the name of Cherry Yul. A 9.5 out of 10 by the looks. Or in other words: A real stunner!
And the sex action is just as perfect as it can be: Paired with 3 (!!!) men, Cherry Yul learns how it feels to have all holes filled with cock. A very good scene which I rate a 9.5/10. (Mr_White - Euribabeindex)


Short Version: This is a classic! Beautiful, bubbly, blonde Cherry shows us the joys of sex, AssTraffic style, taking on three lucky studs in an energetic, fun-filled video that ends with three simultaneous cum-shots all over her lovely, smiling face. Highlights: Cherry is the nearly perfect modern porn performer. This young Russian is 22. She’s very pretty, has a great ass, is in great physical condition so she can keep up with the demands of intense gonzo scenes, and she loves sex. This is a demanding performance but she takes it like a trooper, a big smile on her beautiful face – right through the facial cum bath! I love the image of her at 1:25 into the video as she’s kneeling on the floor looking back toward the camera fingering her barely covered ass, saying she’s excited to be getting fucked in the ass! Yes! After some great playing she shares a great gape with us at 8:30 into the video. You can hardly stand it she is sooo sexy! I’ll let Skirt Chaser’s detailed review describe the sex scenes. Needless to say, the scenes are very intense, especially the dps occurring toward the end of the video, but Cherry still enjoys herself during the performance. Drawbacks: The finale is the simultaneous cumshots all over her face. Nice timing guys. I just wonder why one of you didn’t shoot a little inside that pretty open mouth. The cum facial is great but this girl needs some serious cum, boyz! Random Thoughts: Now this is how I like my porn! :D


Russian beauty Cherry is out to be our next contestant in “Destroy That Ass”. The 21-year-old blonde is eager to put her ass to the challenge. When the “Barons of Beef” climb up the stair, the trio find Cherry in a doggy position on a lounger ready for action. One immediately gives her something to wrap her lips around. While she munches away on his beefy treat another studs preps her ass and pussy with his fingers and mouth. Her left hand keeps the third guy ready in the bullpen. Her asshole is finally breached as the third guy takes his turn at her mouth. Cherry works on both dicks waving in her face as her shithole is fucked. The guys switch off between her mouth and ass. Cherry has no qualms about sucking a dick fresh from her poopchute. One of the guys places her on the floor. He fucks her asshole spoon style. The other two quickly kneel near her face so Cherry has something to snack on. You can tell Cherry likes the action, not just cunt in for it for the buck. Once again the boys switch off filling her ass and mouth. One of the gentlemen takes a seat in the lounger. Cherry mounts his dick with her asshole as she faces him. The other two stand on each side of her. Cherry slurps away on their cocks as her puckered shit-tunnel bounces up and down on the blood-gorged spike in her ass. She dismounts the guy beneath her so another can fuck her ass from behind. Cherry then remounts the stud below her, but with her pussy this time. This allows the magic of DP as her sweet backdoor is once more plugged from behind. The bitch seems in heaven to have in the ass, one in the mouth, and one in the pussy at the same time. They switch off making sure all have an equal shot at her asshole. In Russian they must teach double-penetration, because it seems as natural as breathing to Cherry. Cherry jumps off the stud below and kneels beside the lounger. Her mouth snatches up his cock quickly. The other two quickly shove their dicks in her face also. The dirty blonde strokes and sucks like it is her last meal. On the sofa Cherry climbs on a dick with ass reverse cowgirl. Another cock moves up from the left give her something to stroke and slurp. Tired of being sucked, he climbs off the sofa. He jams his cock into her sorely empty pussy. The third puts his dick in her mouth. Cherry looks great with legs spread wide and her body sandwiched by 600 pounds of stud. After awhile the other guy gets his shot to fuck her cunt. Laying across the sofa later the trio continue to DP Cherry reverse cowgirl. They even put her on her back so someone can assfuck her while the other fucks her face. The magnificent whore kneels on the floor. The boys give a last minute mouth-fucking before the culmination. All three studs are jerking their cocks as the smiling Cherry waits. Jizz starts to fly from overhead, the side, and from the front. A big pound of cum is left on her forehead. Cherry’s chin, cheek, nose, and left are speckled by the goo. Some falls to her right upper body as well. The boys do a great job of crowning our anal princess. Cherry can be very proud of her effort.


Very good reviews from the two other people, and i have to say i agree. She is so hot and reminds me of another PerfectGonzo star - Pussycat. This video is great, perfect anal sex, nice vag sex at some points and amazing DP's. Throw this in with a lot of cock sucking, some funny bits when the guys talk which may or may not turn you off) and you have one great scene. Definately a ***** film.


SUMMARY: RaulDS summed up this scene nicely. I just thought I'd heap some praise to the pile with a concurring opinion. Cherry is fantastic, and this is a terrific scene--particularly for those viewers who like hard and fast anal action without so much of the insipid frat-boy antics that are all too common in porn today. Although I still found occasion to roll my eyes at some of the face-slapping moments, and the ratio of guy to girl was a bit too high for me, I thought this scene was quite enjoyable. DETAILS: Cherry is a looker, make no mistake. Moreover, she knows how to move and fuck, and those are euqually important traits. She starts off in a black top and black and white patterened hot pants. They don't stay on that long, but we do get some damn cute shots of Cherry's luscious little ass before the director breaks out a plastic dildo for her to play with. It goes straight into her ass as you might expect, and looks great. The boys (three of them to be exact) show up in short order, and then it's pretty much non-stop anal action from then on. Cherry takes quite a bit of DP, does the requisite ass to mouth, and does it all with an enthusiasm you rarely see these days. She makes SURE she gets fucked--these guys don't have to do it for her. All this ends with a fantastic three-way simultaneous facial, and the guys sit down on the couch behind Cherry--leaving her on the floor with her soiled, smiling mug. MLyons


With the turmoil in the financial markets, has the credit crunch hit the Perfect Gonzo team? There has been a thread that some of the girls in the updates over the last few months are not up to historical quality of these sites. . . But that is absolutely not the case with the latest update on Asstraffic. Cherry Jul is quite the, pardon me, jewel of Russian pornstars. Along with her compatriot, Wiska, they are absolutely gorgeous blond examples of what can be produced by Russian soil! Cherry is a knockout tall blond with fantastic legs and a picture perfect face. In the past Perfect Gonzo has not much tapped the Russian talent pool, so here's hoping that we see more of what Russia has to offer. Cherry is wearing black top with white and black hot pants, and she is showing off her ass. Unlike a lot of girls in these updates, Cherry actually speaks English, and it adds to the scene with good back and forth between Cherry and the director. She tells us that she can't wait to fuck three guys in this scene. We get a great tease sequence with Cherry preparing her ass for the upcoming assault. She puts in a large dildo in her ass and lets the cameraman play with her ass. She proudly displays her gape while lying on her back and in doggy. While still in doggy, the three studs come out for the fucking. She gives them head and take cock straight to her ass in doggy. There is a great shot of her from the front ass she is getting her ass drilled and you can see her energy bucking back on that cock. The action continues in sidesaddle to cowgirl to some dp action. Then off to reverse cowgirl, some more dp in reverse cowgirl, then finished off on her back, legs in the air, and deep in her ass. And to cap off the in the shoot (lots of fun talk back and forth in English), and Cherry just loves the sex. Cherry takes a facefull of cum and the men all sit down exhausted. Cherry apologizes for killing them! This scene has got to be my new favorite Asstraffic movie, and that is high praise. There are many fantastic things about this movie: Cherry Jul is amazingly hot (just look at the blond hair, the long legs, the great ass, and the perfect teeth), it is clear that everyone is having a great time. Unlike a lot of girls in porn who are in pretty and come across like they just fuck on camera for the money, Cherry seems like she cannot live without a hard cock in her butt just pounding away. She proudly shows off her gape, really rides the cocks instead of letting the guys do all the work, when switching positions she is impatient until another dick is in her ass, is very vocal about how good this is for her, and appears to come twice. Also, a lot of things that bug me with some Perfect Gonzo scenes are not here, like the guys acting stupidly, spitting, and slapping the girl hard. Yet the sex is hard and everyone is having a great time. I typically prefer one on one scenes, but this scene is magnificent. If I had one complaint about the scene, it would be that Cherry didn't show us her ass as a parting shot, but given how much we do see it in the scene, it is not a deal breaker. This scene is VOLCANIC. Rating 5/5