Added December 26, 2006

Oh my gosh! This super skinny blonde gets a big cock straight to her tiny asshole. She shows us some gapes and does ass-to-mouth before swallowing a load.

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Is this video available with UNEDITED SOUND anywhere?? If so, sign me up. This offer goes for all of the rest of the content as well, here at perfectgonzo.com. The truly sad part about this is that the only thing that's missing from your videos is what you painstakingly removed. sigh


Dayum this girl is a hottie


One of the greatest scenes of all time. 5/5


I read a post on the indispensable EurobabeIndex, where someone said that Eleonor has stopped doing anal and perhaps left porn for good. Terrible shame for us porn mongers. So, I thought this would be a good time to revisit her old Asstraffic scene. This scene was released in late 2006, and Eleonor looks absolutely stunning in the video. As SimsVic says, she has one of the most stunning faces I have ever seen in porn. Combining that with her steel colored eyes, statuesque body, and she is truly a goddess in porn. This appears also to be before she had her breast augmentation, as her breasts look more naturally shaped, smaller, and without the unfortunate scars. Eleonor is wearing a two piece black outfit, embroidered with flames. Cute, and a not-too subtle reminder of how en fuego she is! She moves a bit slower than most of the other girls during their tease sequences: a bit more deliberately, and seductively. She moves around, feeling herself up and moaning. She moves herself onto her side, pulls apart her panties, and her fingers wind up in her ass. After this, it is not long before she removes her top and bottom, gets on all fours and really starts warming up her back door, first with her fingers then with a toy. Enter enormous cock, stage left. This cock is huge, and it almost looks as think as Eleonor's arm. She gives a valiant effort sucking him off, but she can barely fit her mouth around it, and seems only able to get a bit more than the head in. The woodsman puts our girl on all fours and warms up her ass with his fingers. And luckily for our stud (and us), Eleonor's ass is more elastic and can handle more meat than her mouth. Pretty soon he has a good rhythm going and is plowing deep into her anus. After some great gaping and some no hands ass to mouth, Eleonor sits on his cock in reverse cow girl anal followed by an energetic anal cowgirl. Then she takes his whole load in her mouth, swallows, then shows us her asshole and waves goodbye. This is a really good scene. Eleonor does not get totally into the action, and seems a bit mechanical for my taste. Also, the action for Asstraffic was a bit slower than normal, and I do prefer more energy in my scenes. However, you just cannot complain too much with a girl as magnificently attractive as Eleonor, and she really knows how to work the camera with her tease. This scene, along with her All Internal scene are great, and she has turned in some great ass fucks in her career. I just would like to see more!!! Rating 8.5/10


Eleonor has one of the most beautiful faces I have ever seen in the porn industry. We she looks to the camera with that green eyes you can die from a heart attack. She has a nice slim body and a great ass. When she puts fingers in her ass you go crazy and when you see a closeup of her face you only want to put your cock in her mouth. She isn't very rough at sex, for instance, she cannot put the whole cock in her mouth but who cares when you are watching a girl like this getting fucked in the ass, ATM, gapes and swallowing cum. Great scene : 5/5


Eleonor greets us in a sexy black flame out fit, showing off her long, long legs and model-like figure. Much like Dora, she also has seductive eyes. She then gets on the couch and starts touching her pussy through her tight black hot pants. After showing off her cute butt, she crawls along the floor, and again starts playing with herself. The director really does a great job showing off her legs here. She pulls her panties aside and sticks her finger up her ass, then stands up to show off her nice, perky breasts. After fully undressing Eleonor gets on her knees and again starts fingering her ass, with a unique and sexy method involving one finger from each of her hands. She then gets a dildo, and shoves it in her butthole, no A2M though, I would have loved to have seen her put that dildo in her mouth. Our stud then enters the picture, and this guy has a HUGE cock, which Eleonor seems impressed by. She gives him a solid BJ with good saliva, before the guy spits on her ass and gets it ready for some action. He sticks his massive tool in her ass doggy style, and pulls it out to show a very nice gape. After a few more gape shots he fucks her some more before making her suck his cock right out of her butt for some nice A2M. They then fuck in reverse cowgirl anal, and she gets off to give some A2M cocksucking, though this time she cheats a bit by spitting and stroking his cock before sucking it. They fuck in cowgirl anal before he blows a thick load right into her mouth, which she shows to the camera and swallows. I was impressed with this scene; although it is a bit run of the mill in terms of the action, I thought Elenor was really sexy, and I would love to see more of her in the future. Definitely recommended if you want to see a skinny girl get reamed by a huge cock.