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Brunette hottie Henessy is back for some more anal fun. Lots of deepthroating, assfucking and gapes are topped off with a massiv cumswallow.

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Henessy is a model that always has thirst for sex. She has a prominent and beautiful ass that only makes want you to take it in all the ways. Just by looking how she uses that dildo on her is like making a statement to all the viewers of how uncontrollable is her desire for sex pleasure. Her style to eat cock is always voracious but at the same time she takes her time. I like this particular scene because they make Henessy do the most part of the work. So in other words, we are watching Henessy fucking instead of getting fucked. And there is a big difference because we see the best of Henessy. And to end this fantastic scene she drinks the complete cum shot. PERFECT/10 [-Ramon VM]


Henessy is probably my favorite porn star of all time. I knew her scene with Ass Traffic would live up to the name or your site - Perfect Gonzo!


Henessy is one of the few reasons i would stay a member. I would kill for more Henessy scenes!


I try not to prejudge videos if I have seen the actress elsewhere. However, I love me some Henessy. Her face has a great blend of youthful innocence, naughty sexiness, and European exoticism. We are treated to her stunning good looks for the first part of the video, including a demonstration of her anal abilities. When the hardcore starts, she shows us that she can suck the chrome off a trailer hitch. (That is a compliment for my international readers). She sucks and throats at an amazing pace, all without breaking a sweat. Actually, I'd quite like to see pornstars sweat during sex scenes, but I digress. Henessy is able to display such a wide range of emotions while getting fucked. She can go from "it hurts" to "feels great" to "harder" to "its ripping me in half" all within a few camera shots. I absolutely loved it when she was getting fucked doggy style, but rarely took her eyes off the camera. That is truly one of her strengths in this video, her reaching through the fourth wall and involving the viewer. She takes a cumshot like a champ, with just a hint of gagging. Nearly a perfect video! - Civlor


Henessy is the reason I joined this site. If you continue to add more of her scenes, I just may become a lifetime member. Nuff said.


I have never seen better porn than this scene and many scenes on this site. Wow. I can't say I can even remember when the filmmaker made me feel like I was licking Henessy's ass or fucking it. Wow... you guys know hot chicks and what makes great porn. Keep making them like this with gorgeous babes and I'm a members forever.


Henessey is always welcome here at Perfect Gonzo, especially to get her sweet ass stuffed with cock. She does a great job warming us up with a tease in her pink outfit, moving aside her pink g-string to show us her ass. And it is basically about 9 minutes of us staring at her ass with the camera waist level and below. After playing with her pussy for a while, our starlet puts a glass toy in her ass.

The male talent then arrives to lustfully eat our Henessey's ass. She returns the favor by giving him a lengthy blowjob before taking him in her pussy in doggy. Then we get to the main event with Henessey excelling at the anal, in doggy, energetic cowgirl, then flat on her back where she appears to orgasm getting fucked in the ass while playing with a purple vibrator, and last on her side, all the while showing some moderate gapes. Our girl then swallows a huge load shot right in her mouth.

Great scene, and Henessey is a fantastic performer, and while she is not model beautiful, she is super cute and a girl who really seems to enjoy anal sex. RDS


Thanks for bringing up this scene: Henessy is not only a quite beautiful young woman, but she also is a sex loving slut. Which makes her perfect for the porn business. As usual at PerfectGonzo at the beginning of this scene we can enjoy female beauty through the eyes of the cameraman (who - once again - did a superb job here!). After this warm up Henessy is joined by a man whom she gives a real long blow job before the "sexual intercourse" starts we some brief vaginal sex (which I really like to see before anal) and than .. of course (because this is AssTraffic!!!) ... we get to see Henessy with that nice cock up her ass in various positions. And the best is yet to cum: Henessy swallows the load that is jerked into her mouth. And she enjoys every second of it. PerfectGonzo is getting better and better. Great stuff - I rate this scene a 9.5 (Mr_White - eurobabeindex)


Henessy performance in this scene quite good. She looks like she is enjoying the sex and that makes a big difference. In other scenes some girls barely move, they just put their bodies to be fucked. Here, Henessy is very active, she gives a long blowjob and gets fucked in the ass in many positions, moving all the time. We also see some gapes, what is a plus for anal fans. The scene ends with a big cumshot in her mounth, that she swallows with pleasure.
This girl is not the most attractive girl in porn, but her attitude makes this scene worth watching



Great to see Henessy is back! Once again she proves herself to be a top performer. The yearning glances she gives the camera while touching herself are priceless. I could have done without vaginal sex at AssTraffic but once the anal action starts, this scene is priceless. Henessy takes it deep and hard, doing much of the work herself, using the dick as her fucktool. It's awesome to see her enjoying what she does there. The thick wad she receives in her mouth is a brilliant finish to yet another outstanding performance by Henessy. This one is even better than her scene at Allinternal.