Kitana Lure

Added February 11, 2021

Kitana Lure is a sexy brunette with long legs and a big bubble butt. She gets assfucked and swallows a big load.

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Kitana Lure


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Kitana is a porno-goddess, enhanced for your viewing pleasure. Super sexy face with a fuck me if you can take it attitude. Stacked via science but still looks perfect. I'm a big fan of the pre-sex pussy spread and she shows her beautiful pink off perfectly at the 4 minute mark. This is followed by close-up anal toy insertion at the 8 minute mark. A solid start. At 9:50, she smoothly interacts with the male talent by offering a nice close-up cock sucking while continuing to fuck her asshole with the toy. I would have loved to see a nice cumshot all over her face here but it's still early in the video. After removing the toy from her ass, the guy inserts his cock, and the anal action begins. I'd really prefer a little vaginal sex to start even though this is an Ass Traffic feature because it adds some variety. A solid cum shot into her mouth coats her tongue, and she does a great job of showing it to the viewer before swallowing. She seems like she could handle a nastier scene, maybe taking two guys with a DP sometime? 7.5/10 mmmgood


Kitana has a proper "porno" look about her. If you're in your 40s and have a wild time in Vegas (or Prague) and ring out for a hooker, Kitana is the type of chick who will arrive. Massive fake tits, big lips, harsh face and nasty as hell with not an ounce of shame left in her body. Great fun.

Good to hear her have a bit of a chinwag with the cameraman before she really gets stuck in. She tells us she likes "a lot of guys" and I'm wondering why PG shortchanged her with just the one!?

She's busy diddling her ass with the dildo when the guy sneaks up on her and she can't hide her big smile. Yes, she's the type of girl who loves to fuck still. He doesn't even attempt to fuck her pussy, just pulls the dildo out of her ass at 13:15 and sticks his cock straight in there. So she's a trooper and she takes it all super easily, but she needed to get fucked harder and some of the screwing e.g. 27:40+ is just so soft she must be wondering if he's still "in" and it doesn't really give her a huge amount to work with. He finishes by popping on her tongue and she rolls it round a bit before swallowing.

This scene really didn't do it for me. I couldn't warm to the model and the fucking was a bit tame. 6/10. (..reviewer-SJ)


This model is perfect choice! Please increase the times of reverse cowgirl position on your videos. That is my favorite position and you guys don't do it much and when you do it is not long enough. Thanks!


Yes, Kitana Lure is the kind of girl you will never get tired to see on Perfect Gonzo. Wow! She is a true beauty with a savage sense for sex. She has pretty face with a perfect body, a nice and very well worked ass and a pair of big fake tits but also perfect and very well done. Her oral skills are so amazing that you can have a heart attack. Even the way she pleases herself with the dildo is shocking and at the same time sexy to see. You can see her hunger for sex while she is being fucked in her ass and at the same time she is rubbing the dildo on her pussy. The ending was majestic; the way how she plays with the cum inside her mouth to swallow it all and saying bye with a naughty smile. I can't wait to see her again. Kitana can make different, unpredictable and interesting scenes! 100/10 [-Ramon]