Taylor Sands

Added August 19, 2015

Much requested Dutch cutie Taylor Sands is back and yes, its anal time. She takes on two cocks and takes them deep in her backdoor, swallows both loads. Enjoy!

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Taylor Sands

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Taylor Sands is just absolutly perfect! She combines pure beauty, cuteness, innocent look and great sex performances. Also her moans are a great combination of cute & very sexy - and definitly NOT overacted. Taylor always looks and sounds like she is really enjoying the fucking.

This time she does a exemplary fantastic anal scene with lots of deep and intense anal poundings. Especially in reverse cowgirl position it is pure pleasure to watch her taking the dick balls deep, hard and fast into her ass (starts at 37:00 and a 2nd time at 53:40).

I wasn't surprised that the cameraman couldn't resist and also fucked the wonderful Taylor Sands! ;) So after the first male actor shot his load into her mouth he gets a blowjob at 48:30 then fucks her for 8 Minutes and cums into her mouth - of course Taylor swallowed both loads with a smile.

I have to say now I am really in porn love with Taylor Sands! I hope PG will do many, many scenes with this extremely cute and sexy girl!


At the beginning of this year we had the first scene of Taylor Sands. And now after seven months we have her again. I know the makeup artist/s of Perfect Gonzo make incredibly its job; but Taylor has really cute and pretty face. You will never think how kinky she is. Her face is not the only part of her body that is super perfect. Her fabulous ass and puffy pussy are super attractive as well. She knows how to make really intense solo scenes. I hope they give her a chance to perform for a "Give Me Pink" scene, she is explosive. Watching that cute face with those oral skills is astonishing! without to mention her pleasure faces. And the way she swallowed all the cum!... I don't know why it took so long for another Taylor Sands scene. I hope her next scene is on the way. 100/10 [-Ramon VM]


So, Taylor Sands was stunning last time and I gave her scene a solid 9.5/10 and said it would be great to see more. It seems someone is listening and here she is! Wow she looks different. Large hoopy earrings and tied back hair. She's still as cute as a button though. There's a long tease and the guy turns up, and we can relax... It's the tatoo'd dude who actually loves women and loves to fuck them hard. He can hardly believe his luck here and at 15:50+ the main event starts and he slips inside her doggy style. You can tell she loves it and she makes all the right noises. It's not long (18:50+) and he's going for the ass. A bit more pussy fucking in more than one position would have been better and the camerawork at the insertion isn't great, but that's just nit-picking.

Wow she has a big fat fanny. Too cute.

There's a really nice section starting 37:00 where they flip positions and she's on her back with legs in the air, him holding her feet. The guy spreads her pussy, teases her with his cock before getting up her ass again and giving her a drilling. She looks great 38:00 with her pussy lips spread and bright pink. This is good porn, and this is why it's important to have male talent who love the girls and get funky.

It ends with a pop on her tongue at 47:45 which she swallows. And what's this, the other PG male talent arrives and it's his turn for sloppy seconds. He gets a quick BJ and she takes it up the ass again before finishing in her mouth.

This was a great scene with an incredible girl, great location, strong main male talent, well filmed and a double pop. She should take another creampie and do a DP next time. Please bring her back! 9.75/10+ (..reviewer-SJ)


I requested this Dutch stunner more than once, so I was thrilled to see her again. The last time Taylor swung by PG was at the top of the year (Jan 5). The scene opens with Ms. Sands standing over an artificial pond. I'm surprised the fish don't jump out to nibble on her, because she looks good enough to eat. Sporting a ponytail, mesh top and short skirt, she teases the camera - bending over, squatting and smacking her butt. After settling onto a divan, she eases a finger into her ass followed by some glass; a Hitachi joins the fun as Taylor is all moans.

The warmup is brief as Szabi greets our girl 12 minutes in. She gets on all fours and throats her man while making the sexiest sounds. Despite the action being mostly anal, Taylor's deliciously puffy cunt looks as inviting as her asshole, making the spoon and reverse cowgirl portions particularly exciting. My favorite stretch was seeing Taylor on her back (43:16 - 47:12), getting butt pumped before draining Szabi into her mouth. A "surprise cock" shows up to throat and fuck this girl for the final 10 minutes. The sex with Brossman was pretty varied given the short amount of time, and ends with a second swallow.

This update is entirely outdoors, with a bit of background noise and wind at the start, but not enough to distract; otherwise, this scene is perfect - beautifully lit and framed. Note to staff: Don't let the "sands" of time run out before inviting this babe for more anal fun. Easily the hottest scene of the summer!

- Ivan


Hi guys,

I wanna see more girls blowing the guys to cumshot completion -cumpletion
Maybe squatting not kneeling - more sexier