Candee Licious, interview

Added December 6, 2016

Up close and personal interview with Candee Licious!

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Candee Licious


Body Type athletic Breasts medium round Butt average Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type fashion model Hair color blonde Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia medium Skin tone light



I really enjoy the interviews of the models, because the more you know them the more you understand their reality and how interesting each model is. In the case of Candee Licious I got impressed to know the academic preparation she has, the reason she is an adult model and how she deals with that in her personal life. I felt that her talk was in fact very deep, very reflective about herself. I even got self identified with her, for example when she got blocked thinking about how to say something, that happens to me too regularly because I always want the correct words. By the way this is really the first time I hear a woman saying and confessing that gay action turns her on! This interview got me thinking a lot to be honest! [-Ramon VM]