Georgie Lyall interview

Added July 13, 2018

Casual interview with Georgie Lyall made before her scenes with us.

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Georgie Lyall


Art & Addons piercing tattoo Breasts large Butt average Ethnicity caucasian Eyes blue Face Type average Pubic Hair trimmed Pussy/Labia medium Skin tone light



I remember doing the first scene review of Georgie Lyall we had here. I remember that her scene was amazing. She is very attractive model, she has a gorgeous face, a nice pair of big tits and an eye-catching butt. This time we have the opportunity to know more about her. Is interesting to know that she left porn to study and complete her university but she didn't like it at all. Regarding the size of her boobs, she says that all of a sudden they grew, late but it happened. I really can't imagine Georgie having sex with the dad of her former boyfriend, it just looks like a plot for a sex scene. And also is weird that she is crazy about Marilyn Manson and his makeup, and she just don't look like she likes extreme and strange stuff, but she indeed likes those things. To conclude, Georgie Lyall is a dazzling person that we should be looking close because she likes to perform doing many things. [-Ramon VM]