Ivana Sugar

Added September 4, 2021

Ivana changes into a sexy dress from a tiny orange bikini. Her massive clit pulsates as she gets fucked in the ass. She swallows a big load of cum.

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Ivana Sugar

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Huge fan of Ivana, but, this scene points out the need for `partial` downloads - A FULL HOUR long, with no fucking in the 1st 45 minutes is simply UN-acceptable. . . While the last 10 minutes are good, limited drive space PREVENTS me from DL`ing this terribly bloated scene. . . Shame.


She's one of the most beautiful girls from Eastern Europe, her body is just great and she has such an awesome smile and eyes and her natural blonde hairs, she looks like when she started with 18 years and now not many things have change and thanks God that she's still an natural pretty! I wish to can watch also an BGA at AllInternal with a nice DP and two loads in her strong peach butt, how about it guys?


More asshole gapes. (& to the member who criticized close up's - I like the close up's. I want to be inside her pussy along with the camera :)

Up her A-hole too :P


More Assholegapes please!!!


Ivana Sugar is fucking hot. She's got a gorgeous face, striking ice blue eyes, and legs that go on for miles. We meet her while she is sunbathing in an orange bikini, but she later changes into a tight white dress. Ivana has a great personality, and I wish we had more time with her speaking, and she seems to be really excited for the sex. I love it when she hikes up the white dress to show off her ass. The blow job is great as it shows off her eyes. As she is perfect, she goes straight to her ass with the fucking. We get side saddle, doggy, and a very enthusiastic cowgirl. With the sex, I thought the camera work again was too much on the closeups, and we did not get much of seeing full body shots of Ivana's hot body. With one last nitpick, I wish she showed off her ass after she took the facial. This is a super hot girl and a great sex scene. RDS


Ivana Sugar for sure is one of the hottest blond porn ladies nowadays. In this scene she displays her model figure to the camera, with the cameraman doing a really good job catching her beauty. I like her eyes and her smile. Plus she has super long longs. As for the porn: Dildo play, BlowJob, Anal Sex in various positions, Ass to mouth and a Cum load swallowed is what you get here. Ivana is a 9.5 beauty, the scene is a 8.5 which makes it all in total a 9 out of 10 in my opinion. (Mr_White - eurobabeindex)


There are few things hotter in this world than a beautiful blonde in a bikini. Ivana Sugar has a tight body with a very inviting ass. I think the best part about her though are her eyes. As usual the camera does a great job of showing off Ivana's assets. She crawls and poses all over the house in an extended teasing session. She isn't exactly new to porn, but when she works that glass butt plug into her ass, it seems like old times! She is a skilled cocksucker giving us several poses and a lot of POV, which I love. When the action starts, it's straight to the ass. As a matter of fact, I don't think they do any vaginal sex, but this is Ass Traffic! The hardcore part seems particularly short. I don't know if it seemed short because the sex was so fun to watch, or the intro was so long. In the end, a solid performance. - Civlor


The scene is far from perfect, but it does contain some fantastic stuff along the way. Ivana Sugar is one of those performers who can make any scene worth watching and that is certainly the case here. With fantastic long straight blonde hair and perky breasts she is a sight to see. Ivana is perfectly made to wear a skimpy white dress and the effort put forth to highlight the best parts of her is very very obvious. This is a very intimate scene at times. The camera lingers on Ivana's assets during the tease in a way that is quite enjoyable. She reacts with real passion to a cock in her ass. She is a star in the business and the kind of girl that Perfect Gonzo can use as an example for upcoming starlets as they continue to seek "Perfection." ---Tudor---


Now this is a porn movie! Ivana is amazing, seems to have lost some weight with a model figure and some amazing blue eyes. Color selections for outfit match perfectly her complexion and the fucking is great from the start where she plays with her clit to the blowjob to the assfucking. Cinematography is superb with the most captivating scene when she is giving the stud a blowjob and she looks up with those incredible blue eyes. My only point for improvement is the deep throat, that cannot be captured with an overhead camera. Deep throat needs to be captured with a side shot for a point of reference.

Overall an excellent movie that will please a discriminating critic. I will rate this movie an A !!!. Great job guys.


Ivana is such a hot woman! She has great attributes: Beautiful face, shocking blue eyes, cute smile. That ass is so hot and become more favoured in that thong. Besides this she's a anal fucker.. she really looks enjoying it.
Just misses one thing (in my opinion).. She's a great anal gaper, so you could put her ability to the test