Nicole Love

Added July 11, 2021

Yet another debutant here on Perfect Gonzo - Nicole Love all the way from the Czech Republic. Her meat curtains nicely covers her pussy, so Renato did not took much time exploring that area. But this is not true for that holy ass she has, whic at the end (whilst her perfect sized and shaped tits bounced crazily) receives a nice load of cum - dropping all over the place...

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Nicole Love


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Nicole is absolutely stunning and a whore that pretty always deserves to be pumped full of cum. She definitely earned his big nasty wad of nut in this scene.


Thanks. Ok at 32 mins 10 secs into the film, the camera finally hovers direct center over Nicole's body but the view is below her tits down. Nice view of her ass getting reamed. But it would have been so much more enjoyable to see her face tits AND ass all at the same time - instead of going back and forth between the two. It seems every 9 secs the view changes. It's fucking misery. Gonzo sucks. Always has. Especially the Raul Christian style of filming at Evil Angel. Hated all of his movies. Of course the girls are hot. It's not their fault. But the camera is so stingy, it allows very little enjoyment of the girls and their bodies. The camera constantly ruins the enjoyment by narrowing all the views to oblique angles. These angles are ridiculous, unnecessary. In my opinion,Gonzo victimizes lust. It does not reward it. Gonzo manipulates lust. Gonzo is the worst sexual partner conceivable. Imagine having anal sex with Nicole. And as soon as you stick it in her, 9 secs later she pulls you out of her. She orders you to stare at her asshole for a while. Ok now stick back it in, now 3 secs later she pulls you out again. Now stare again. You just started banging that ass, and as soon as you do, she's pulling away from you, again and again the entire time you're having sex in all positions. Every 3 to 9 secs you're positioning and re-positioning. That's Gonzo and it sucks. It's a joke. It's too elusive. Gonzo turns hot sex into mere teasing and taunting. It's bullshit. It is un-satisffying,useless ridiculous manipulative stingy aggravating and agonizing to watch. For a good example of the kind of footage that I will gladly monthly subscribe for, go to and see Natalia Starr's latest scene.

Gabe - Perfectgonzo

Hey - thanks for your input! You almost fully defined gonzo in style, but we are open to any suggestions - what do you think we should do better? How it shall be done in your opinion? :) Thank you! :)


PGonzo looks like you've mastered the "oblique camera angle technique" - the angle of least enjoyment. Congratulations on your constant delivery of dissatisfying footage to watch. Your angles (which you repeat in all your films) suck. They literally suck. You may as well mount your camera on a robot. Its' the same boring shit - zoom in on the ass while it's being fucked - then zoom in on the face and dwell there (essentially rob the viewer of the anal footage) and then zoom away at an oblique angle where the view is diminished - film all the hot action at oblique angles where the viewer can barely see it or his view is diminished- interrupt agitate irritate repeat interrupt agitate irritate repeat - I've just captured PGonzo's film strategy . . . . hahaha . . . one more thing . . . i have no incentive to watch this film - the camera is against the viewer's enjoyment

David - Perfectgonzo

The 4k has been fixed. We're sorry for the inconvenience.


could you tell us if you have fixed it??! would be nice and timesaving!! thanks


4k video download is broken!! video stops after 28:53 minutes!!! plaese fix it!!


With no question Nicole Love will become a big star in the industry. She is very gorgeous, has the body and the charisma to succeed. She even reminds me the model “Kyra Hot” which I’ve to say I really miss her scenes. Regarding Nicole Love, she also performs amazing in front of the camera no matter if it’s alone playing with a dildo or interacting with male performers. I did like this scene because as I mentioned before is like a scene from Kyra but with a different model. She has a tattoo on one of her butt cheeks and the lips of her vulva are large, things that I consider sexy and different to see from a wonderful model like she is. This time she received the cum inside of her ass but I can’t wait to see one facial on her beautiful face. PERFECT/10 [-Ramon VM]