Selvaggia interview

Added July 29, 2018

Excellent speaker Selvaggia sat down with us for a nice interview i nbetween her shootings.

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Breasts small Butt bubble butt Clothes casual Ethnicity caucasian Eyes brown green Face Type baby face Hair long - straight Hair color dirty blonde Pubic Hair shaved Pussy/Labia medium Skin tone light



Selvaggia is a nice girl, and I am impressed, but she do not prove anyting with a DAP, and I do not need or want to see, and only loose my respect or what so ever for any nice and sexy girl.


I'm very happy to watch the gorgeous Selvaggia doing an interview. It's lovely to hear that she likes to travel the world and that she has visited my country [Mexico] too. She is very talkative and knows well English. So she says she is almost into everything, music, movies, TV shows, books, food, animals etc. Regarding her comment, why in real life is difficult for a man to get hard in front of other guys? it's simple. With all due respect, like she also says. The males that had no difficulties getting hard in front of other guys plus having sex with a girl at the same time, is because they are bisexual or have bisexual tendencies. So if you're reading this Selvaggia, there you go :) now you know. It looks like she likes to have a simple lifestyle, without having problems or complicating things, in other words, she is just a cool girl. Before watching the interview I was expecting to know a very girly woman, but it was quite the opposite. Even so, I did like her personality, I hope to see more scenes with her in the future! :) [-Ramon VM]