Maria Fiori

Added December 15, 2022

Cute newcomer Maria Fiori gets her pussy pounded in various positions and then smiles as its injected with a big load of cum.

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Maria Fiori


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Maria is a bit orange, but I love her anyway. This scene does a great job of showing off her great body, beautiful face, and long hair. She sucks cock well, switching tempo a few times and showing some actual joy in the process. She 'acts' very well, making significant eye contact with both us and the actor. She portrays the feeling that she is having a great time getting rammed by his rod. She goes through the usual positions and seems to have a great time filming this scene. The lesson here is, if she looks like she is having fun, then I am going to have some fun watching her! A definite keeper! - Civ


This was such a fun scene with a really promising performer. As others have said, Maria looks great, and especially so in her jeans. I liked the sensual touch added by the initial kissing, and that she happily masturbated away while draped upside down on the sofa while giving a blowjob. She seems to be quite a charismatic, energetic performer, verbally encouraging and making plenty of eye contact. All in all, its a well-shot, energetic scene. Hopefully there will be more to come with Maria.


I haven't seen Maria Fiori before, so I believe she is a newcomer. She has a supercute face and a stunning body. I love her interaction (great eyecontact) with the camera when she gives head. Did I already mention that she looks extremely hot in jeans? She does. Which leads me to an idea, @ PG: You guys should add that jeans-fetish-site (FMJ) to your portfolio. Now this would be a sensational addition for PerfectGonzo. Sorry, I got distracted by my imagination, back to Maria: I see huge potential in this young lady and would love to see her her at AssTraffic. 8.5/10 (Mr_White - Eurobabeindex)


Cindy Hope may be done getting cock on camera, but Maria Fiori just made that certainty a lot less grim. Those familiar with Cindy should be thrilled because this babe might as well be her sister; both possess the same feline eyes and have a stamp on their ass that proudly states, "Made in Hungary".

With a splash of orange and looking very squeezable, Ms. Fiori walks around in a tube top, sexy jeans and briefly teases us before wrapping her mouth around the nearest cock. Her technique needs definite work, but she's so stunning that it's impossible not to get turned on.

The sex is brisk, bouncy and barefoot, with great positioning, spanking, PTM and a possibly pregnant Maria at scene's end. The labored look on her face during reverse cowgirl and missionary is pure heaven. I can only imagine the faces she'd make in anal land. On a funny note, the PG blog shows us how the guy came two minutes into pumping her. Honestly, I'm surprised it didn't happen every two minutes - easily the sexiest new model here. Invite her back soon and as often as you can.

- Ivan


OMG! I think I definitely have a new favorite model. Before I saw the scene I saw the blooper on the blog, and there is a big reason why the male performer came after 2 minutes of fucking her; she is divinely beautiful. Her attire is super sexy; with tight jeans that highlights her shapely legs and big ass with an electric orange top and thong [but also an orange ring]. Though, she seems also to be new to the industry, she tries her best and is noted form the beginning the way she sucks cock while she rubs her pussy at the same time. She looks shy to show her small tits however they are really gorgeous. She came 4 glorious times! Personally, I'm eager for more Maria Fiori. [-Ramon]


Maria is a beautiful young brunette with long dark hair, a super sweet face with lovely dark features, and a nice sexy body. Her breasts are not large but are perfectly contained by an orange bikini top that stays on during almost the entire video. Not sure why but it sure makes me want to see what's underneath. Maria is a newcomer but she seems to really enjoy being the star of this video. She has an angelic face with great eye contact as she gives head. She has a cleanly shaved pussy with nice full lips. They look great with a hard cock spreading them and covered with cum at the end of the video. Check out the big, sly smile on her face as she's taking the guy's cum into her pussy. Just beautiful! Overall, a really nice AllInternal video. 8/10 mmmgood


Here we have yet another fresh, curvy newcomer and her name is quite apt to go along with her fiery body. Nature has designed Maria's body for sex and you simply can't resist growing a huge hard-on before she even takes her clothes off. Her spread pussy lips reveal a snatch that's as radiant as the rest of her tantalizingly-tight body. Every second in which she has a cock in her mouth seems to make Maria hornier and wetter as we lead into a great entry sequence with Maria receiving it doggy style. Her thick ass and thighs look absolutely perfect bouncing up and down on a hard cock. Kudos to the male talent for being able to hold his load as this young goddess goes to town with her seductive leg spreads. The scene ends with Maria looking very satisfied as a hot, creamy load drips out of her sweet snatch.